Real Case study To increase Credit Line

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This is my personal journey to increase credit card limit, or credit line! to be exact, actually it’s our case study! because recently my best friend have credit cards business with limit about $3000, and he ask me to increase credit line up to $1000.000! we all know million dollar credit line are not impossible! but I will not saying that would be easy jobs! since credit line start from scratch! i.e $3000! so the question is, is it possible to increase credit line from $3k USD  to a millions dollar ? well, to be honest, I also have «Read More MyCredits »

What Is Credit Line ? and How to Increase Credit limit ?

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What is credit line ? credit line mean credit limit, it’s like term that most financial company will use to impress everyone! 🙂 to be honest most of financial industry actually have cool term! and the reason why they do that, simply because they want cool name! i.e to make that industry to be admirable! 😀

yep! sound corny! but it’s true! 😀 for example if you watch carefully most forex industry most of the time, using weird language! e.g leverage, Spread, Hedging, Pivot, Carry, etc bla..bla..bla..! the idea is to impress rich people! because what most trader «Read More MyCredits »

How To Increase Credit Card Limit Up to 1 Million dollar ?

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To increase credit limit up to 1 Million dolar, actually it’s not that hard! because all you have to do is play nice and smart! the trick to increase credit limit basically based on Banker mindset! 😉 because most of banker always thought more limit mean more profit! 🙂 well, I am sure, some of banker will think that way! just FYI, thousand people already try this tricks! so if you haven’t try! my suggestion is, try with small and see the effect! 😉 after that. you know what to do next! 🙂

remember Guys! this trick are «Read More MyCredits »