Increase Credit line part 2

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in Previous articles I already write about study case to increase credit line, to be exact maybe not study case, because no comparison that I will made, so its like journey from zero to hero :D! lol! To increase credit line basically it will depend on transaction and also incomes! because if we have good transaction with our credit card, but our income are not good, there is a chance that someday, it could do more damage than good! because if we use credit card money, we will end up to pay more, with fee and interest «Read More MyCredits »

Real Case study To increase Credit Line

business credit card

This is my personal journey to increase credit card limit, or credit line! to be exact, actually it’s our case study! because recently my best friend have credit cards business with limit about $3000, and he ask me to increase credit line up to $1000.000! we all know million dollar credit line are not impossible! but I will not saying that would be easy jobs! since credit line start from scratch! i.e $3000! so the question is, is it possible to increase credit line from $3k USD  to a millions dollar ? well, to be honest, I also have «Read More MyCredits »