what credit cards does sams club accept in store

sams club credit card


Curious about what credit cards does sam’s club accept ? well, they  accept variety payment such as Visa, MasterCards, cash or check, AMEX, Wall mart Credit PLCC, Snap, and Discover! but as you already know, sam’s have their own credit cards! so just to be safe, why not try to apply with their cards, who knows they will approve your application.

and as far as I know Sam Credit cards, have decent APR and almost same like citibank APR! the difference only about 1%! sam’s Club credit cards APR for purchases are about 15%  for cash advances 24% ! «Read More MyCredits »

What Is CBNA Credit Card ? Is It Fraud ?

CBNA on credit card report


CBNA are short from Citibank North America! you’ll get this kind of code on your CC statement if you just buy something from home depot, best buy, or any store that related with Citibank partner! as you already know Citibank are the 4 largest credit cards issuer! so most big brand such as home depot or best buy, actually use Citibank to process credit cards activity! even the name from big brands! doesn’t mean they have time to handle credit cards! so its like borrow big names but the real people that doing dirty jobs are not them! you «Read More MyCredits »


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