credit union vs bank auto loan

Credit union VS BAnks


credit union vs bank auto loan which one better ? well, if Bank or finance company can give better interest rates as low as 1.99% then you should not choose Credit union! but since most credit union can give better interest rates under 4%! then you know who the one you should choose:) to be honest with you guys, when we talk about credit product, loans, credit cards or etc! the number one factor you should choose are from their interest rate! because if they offering low interest rate, mean you sleep well at night! but imagine if you «Read More MyCredits »

Meriwest Credit Union Credit Card Review

meriwest credit card

meriwest credit union credit card actually have decent APR from 12% to 23%!  they also offering intro APR 0% to 6 month, and for fee cash advances and transfer balance about 3%, and also they offering rewards such as  points, cash back, and etc! to be honest with you guys! 12 APR for credit cards, actually are pretty good, because if you compare with regular credit card company, actually most of them can only give you about 14% APR, so 12% are pretty low!

But! since Meriwest are credit Union and not regular credit card company, so 12% APR actually «Read More MyCredits »

is it hard to get a jcpenney credit card ?

jcpenney credit card


is it hard to get a jcpenney credit card ? well, to be honest not really! I mean most credit cards that have 26% APR most of the time are second tier credit cards, it mean their business core are not focus on credit cards! for example ebay credit cards, amazon, Wall Mart Best buy and etc! as long you have decent score, and not to bad! I am quite sure, they will accept your credit cards! afterall, most people that have excellent credit score, most of the time, they have no interest with 26% APR! 🙂 in short, «Read More MyCredits »

Ways to build credit score! Fast and Reasonable

build credit score


There’s a lot of way to build credit score, or to improve your credit! for person that have no credit history, they best way you can do, is by getting secured Credit Cards! because that’s the easiest way you can do! this is good for college student or person that never make loan or debt with financial company! but if you already have credit history, though your credit are not good, and always make mistakes such as, not pay on time, too many cards, debt utilization exceed more than 80% and etc(bad Credit), you can try with credit «Read More MyCredits »

What Is Credit Line ? and How to Increase Credit limit ?

credit line


What is credit line ? credit line mean credit limit, it’s like term that most financial company will use to impress everyone! 🙂 to be honest most of financial industry actually have cool term! and the reason why they do that, simply because they want cool name! i.e to make that industry to be admirable! 😀

yep! sound corny! but it’s true! 😀 for example if you watch carefully most forex industry most of the time, using weird language! e.g leverage, Spread, Hedging, Pivot, Carry, etc bla..bla..bla..! the idea is to impress rich people! because what most trader «Read More MyCredits »

How To Increase Credit Card Limit Up to 1 Million dollar ?

credit card limit


To increase credit limit up to 1 Million dolar, actually it’s not that hard! because all you have to do is play nice and smart! the trick to increase credit limit basically based on Banker mindset! 😉 because most of banker always thought more limit mean more profit! 🙂 well, I am sure, some of banker will think that way! just FYI, thousand people already try this tricks! so if you haven’t try! my suggestion is, try with small and see the effect! 😉 after that. you know what to do next! 🙂

remember Guys! this trick are «Read More MyCredits »

Vons credit union Are they Better than Banks ?

vons credit union


Vons credit union are they really better than Banks ? well, it could be true! because most credit union have low APR than any bank! except 1 banks! 😉 Vons can give APR for credit cards better than citi! i.e 9%, for new or used auto loan they can give as low as 1.99%, and for mortgages their rates are about 3%-4%! so basically yes, credit union can give better rates than any bank can give! although they also have restriction! but for loans and credit, credit union are the one you should choose than bank! unless you don’t «Read More MyCredits »