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This is my personal journey to increase credit card limit, or credit line! to be exact, actually it’s our case study! because recently my best friend have credit cards business with limit about $3000, and he ask me to increase credit line up to $1000.000! we all know million dollar credit line are not impossible! but I will not saying that would be easy jobs! since credit line start from scratch! i.e $3000! so the question is, is it possible to increase credit line from $3k USD  to a millions dollar ? well, to be honest, I also have friends, that already success achieve a millions dollar credit line! 😉 so yeah, we have knowledge in able to do that! but just FYI, it will needing a lot of times, about 2-3 years! but it’s worth it! 😉

in this case study, this will not be just 1 long articles with hundreds thousand words in a single page! 🙂 that for sure! because, we just start it, and I will tell you a little about what works and what not! but our plan to increase credit line fast and reach million dollar credit line, actually by doing transaction, and max out our credit cards, and pay our debt very fast! so basically what we looking for is about fast making profit business Idea!

Because at this moment we have $3000 credit limit, so if we have business or business project that only need $3000 as capital and make decent profit very fast(before CC grace period)! we are confident, that we can reach million dollar credit line! 🙂 at least for me and my friend! but my other friend that already reach 1 million dollar credit line said, it will not be easy! and the most important factor, that we must consider are not only about heavy or active transaction, but also our saving are important factor that we must consider! it mean, our business not only active but also can or must save money in our bank account!

Because most of banks, actually capable, and easy to track our money saving easily! and also I can’t denied most of credit cards sales person, also contacting people and giving offer to people that have big money in bank account! and if I don’t mistakes, same bank requirement to approve high limit, one of condition are how big your money is in your bank account! 🙂 so yeah, me and my friends have work to do 2 things! first fast making money! and the second one is we must save our profit in our bank acc! if we succeed finding those 2! I am quite sure, we can reach credit line up to 1 million USD! 😉

since I am typical focus and consistent person! I will not care about saving! at least not now! because as long I can find fast making money! automatically, and technically, we don’t need high credit line! though, we need easy capital to run business! so, yeah basically we don’t have bad intention with credit card company! because our goals basically need big capital to run business! and not just hit and run, and then go away and leave! 🙂  though we just can’t said, and try to pretend there will be no “shit happen” in biz world!  so, yeah, if shit happen, probably! and this is the last option, that I prefer not choose! but in reality, when “5hit happen” we can choose just leave and go away! i.e default! 🙂

No! no need to run like fugitive! because we are well educated people 😉 so, I know  a little about the system! 😉 that’s why we love credit cards! 😉 maybe when 5hit happen! most of company will sent big guy, to make scare tactic! though, we have our own way to deal with that stuff! just FYI, credit product, such as, credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and etc most of it don’t have written agreement that can send you go to the prison! 😉 that’s why they hired debt collector to make scare tactic! if they have, I am sure they wouldn’t bother with debt collector company! 🙂  though, as normal person, I don’t want to deal with mental pressure that debt collector using it, to collect money! because I am sure, it would make your day like hell!

anyway! the reason why we should focus to find making fast money concept! actually to make profit without capital! the idea is to use credit card money to make profit fast, and then pay our debt to them fast to avoid interest fee each month!! so basically it can make win win solution! for example I have business ! selling something in ebay or maybe amazon! my best method that I can think of, actually is by using dropship concept! i.e we only spend money after we get buyer! when some people buy or order our product via marketplace, then we buy that product at cheap price elsewhere! and then we send product to buyer and that’s it! we make profits! 😉 though, in reality it would be not easy! since me and my friend, don’t have that surefire methods! at least not at this moment!


until now, we not yet finding the best method to make profit from credit card money! because it will need a very good making money system! but I am quite sure, if we test some method, we can find the old way and modify into making money fast system! for example, I find dropship website that have product that easy to sell! and if their price are more cheaper than other place, we might try their product and sell via marketplace! if we got order or some people want to buy from us, we just need to buy from dropship site using credit card! and that’s it! we make profit 🙂 i.e making money fast system without risk!

Big question is, what kind of product that can do that ? sure, we know about marketing, good marketplace that crowded, we have capital, though, we not find that kind of product 🙂 so, in my opinion, finding best method actually can hit 2 birds with 1 stones! i.e incomes and increase credit line! to be honest, if we talk about salary, actually it’s not good enough! because the fact is, most of worker are only get payment based on standard living! but if we do business probably we can get better 10 or 100 times better that most average worker can get each month! 🙂 that’s why doing business to increase credit line can get us good result and high credit limit!

since this case study just begin, and we still not find the best making money, so I will continue this article next time! it could be week, or even month! though, I urge you to bookmark, or like Mycredits.US  fanpages! after all, this rare case study are worth to follow! 😉


on the next chapter, I will focus to tell about what business that fit with Credit card money! 🙂 because I am sure, most of people doesn’t know about this area 😀 at least some people that really know will not tell you what kind of business that fit with CC! 😀


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