Increase Credit Line Part 3

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Previously I already write about increase credit line 1  and increase credit limit part 2 and now, I am gonna continue to part 3! 😀 basically what make part 3 so special it’s not about finding new trick or what soever! though, I found good method to make profit fast and not hard!(I am not saying easy 😉 ) and also my first intention its not just about increasing credit line to 1 Million! but it’s more to what kind of business that can make fast money! because if don’t have Good method or knowing how to find fast money! credit card would be useless! because imagine, if you have limit 1 Million dollar, but you don’t have good business Idea! so what for ? yep! that high limit can backfired!

But if we have Good method to make money fast! even we don’t have high limit credit card, actually it doesn’t matter! because what matter in credit card world is you have to pay fast! or your debt will increase over time! the most reasonable, that I can think of to pay credit card debt fast, is we need to have good method to make money and use credit card to make fast loans without headache!

So the question is, what kind of good making money method that work with credit card ? well, I found selling cell phone have good market! it have good trend, everyone need Smartphone! easy to sell, big market, high demand, and also we can make profit, if we know the right source! 😉 though, this niche are industry are also quite tricky! because every business most of the time, have a risk! but I found the most logical way to decrease the risk, into minimum! 😀

First, and luckily I have friends that already find good source to buy high quality smartphone with lower price! secondly my knowledge about Internet marketing almost good! 😀 so there’s nothing to worry! about how to sell smarphone! at least, I know how to sell with ads! i.e fb ads and adwords! last but not least! I already have my own fanpage that have a lot of fans! not much about 1k people from my previous blogs! so I am trying to promote the product first in there! if have good response, and everyone happy with the price! probably I am going to move more further! such as using adwords or Fb ads to boost that post! but if not, maybe I will try with small scale! because I don’t want to waste my limited money 😀 lol


if work, I will post in here! and will tell you about the ROI, and how good selling smartphone is 😀 I know my blog about credit cards! 😉 so, I am going to tell you guys, how to use credit cards as capital! if went good, I am sure, my credit line can increase 2 times or maybe triple! especially If I got big order! not to mention average people prefer using credit card to buy gadget for big purchasing! and after got payment, pay immediately before grace period! because it will reduce fee and interest rate!


anyway guys, I think its enough for today, I will try to give detail about my journey on the next post! 😀

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