Increase Credit line part 2

credit line


in Previous articles I already write about study case to increase credit line, to be exact maybe not study case, because no comparison that I will made, so its like journey from zero to hero :D! lol! To increase credit line basically it will depend on transaction and also incomes! because if we have good transaction with our credit card, but our income are not good, there is a chance that someday, it could do more damage than good! because if we use credit card money, we will end up to pay more, with fee and interest rates each month! so basically making a loans from credit card, actually are not good! but since we don’t have many option, so why not use credit card! πŸ˜€

The idea to get more credit line basically its not that hard! because what we all have to do is just max out our credit card, and pay fast! if can, pay before grace period to avoid interest rates ! πŸ˜€ for some people this is hard to do! but for certain people, actually can! as long you know what you doing, I am sure you can do this easily! πŸ˜‰

previously I already stated, what most important for us to increase credit line, is by finding fast making money idea! because if we can find this, actually we don’t need credit card money! but if we still use credit card to add more capital with our “fast making money”, it can make good result, I.e Credit line increase dramatically!Β  but of course not all credit card have same effect! some credit card will not increase their limit, no matter what you do, and no matter what you said! but some credit card company, that already in this business for many many years, they know what kind of people they should support or treat them exclusively! πŸ˜‰ because I am sure, famous credit card company, do this! cause if not, they will not big in CC industry! πŸ™‚

In order to get maximum profit in CC industry basically if costumers use credit card all the time! πŸ˜‰ so Imagine if they use credit card all the time, every time! do you think credit card company will not happy πŸ™‚ the answer obviously yes! πŸ˜€ because each transaction will cost you from 5-10% fee πŸ™‚ so imagine if your CC active make 10 or even hundreds transaction every month! πŸ˜€ what you think will happen! πŸ˜‰Β  if that company smart! πŸ˜‰ or if I were them, I will call you and ask you nicely! πŸ˜‰ or automatically increase your limit! πŸ˜‰ because more limit mean more profit! in a nutshell, if you have heavy transaction with your credit card! soon or later your limit will increase πŸ™‚ but of course, no late payment πŸ˜€

so the most important things to do, if you want to reach 1 million dollar limit with CC company! you should focus with your business and use CC for business transaction! and if you have heavy transaction, I amΒ  sure! all company can easily recognize you and give good offer ! and just FYI, most credit card company usually when they offer to potential costumer, they will give better offer! cause if not, costumer will not accept offer from them! that’s why most CC veteran will have 2 CC or maybe more to increase credit line fast!

For example, I have good business that doing smoothly! I often use CC from company A! if I my transaction good, and very active! most of the time, another credit card will find out soon or later! and usually theyΒ  will give better offer with better credit line! then boom! my credit line will be much more better πŸ™‚ though, in CC industry sometime there is a company that very credible and respected! for several cases, other credit card company will follow and trying to get costumer that already approve with top company! and also they willing to give double or even triple limit ! it doesn’t really mater which company! what your focus is, which company that can give better credit line with better APR(interest rates)! whether its top company or not, its not the issue! but make sure better credit line with better APR! because if your limit high, and APR also high! it could be a problems in future! but nothing wrong to keep that kind of card! who know some day you could use their CC to add more capital!


in previous article I already said about why we should use Credit card! the idea using credit cards is to make profit! if you use credit card, just to shop here and there, and to get better discount! trust me! your hobby will not for long πŸ™‚ but if you use credit card, to get easy capital without headache! and always pay your debt, before grace period! I think your CC should be good and will give you benefit for long run!

for example, I getΒ  some good info about cheap cell phone! we all know everyone every where will need cell phone for daily life! old young or even baby! so if I sell cheap cell phone! yes, used cell phone! most of the time, it will be fast profit! and before I do that, I already do my home work and make some research about it! and good news is, the trend are quite good, stable and increase from year to years! I tested it out with smaller scale, buy 1 or 2 used cell phone, and sell in marketplace! and the result are quite good! I can get most worker salary less than 2 week! so imagine, if I scale up! add more capital from CC, and also make my own wesbite, and use Adwords to advertise the product! πŸ™‚

My point is! CC can be additional capital for new business! because no banks, will give you a loans, for starting new business! but Credit card can! and to avoid excessive interest rate, we should pay before grace periods! cause if not, our profit will gone! just to pay CC interest rates! yep! using CC as capital for business are quite tricky! because if we don’t have good debt management, soon or later, it will be disaster! but for starting point, CC are the most reasonable answer to get easy loans without headache! πŸ™‚

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