Best Credit Card To Transfer Balances With No Transfer Fee

credit cards with no balance transfer fee


I assuming you want to pay off  your credit cards debt with new card, with APR 0% right ? so you looking for, the best credit card to transfer balances with no transfer fee! Am I right ? 😉 to be honest, your plan actually almost perfect! because by paying off your previous debt with new cards, that have Intro APR 0% actually could save a lot of money! but of course, your plan would be incomplete if your new credit cards have fee for transfer balance!

Because the idea to save money from new cards, actually by choosing better APR from previous cards! because if your previous cards have APR about 24%, and you transfer all of your debt to a new card that have 0% interest rate, you could save 24% per year or 2% interest rate per month! though, there is 1 problems! most of credit cards company will charge you a fee! about 5% or more for transfer balance! and because of that reason, actually this plan are quite risky! not to mention if you can’t pay off your debt,before intro APR ended! because if that happen, and no more intro APR, your credit card debt will increase 2 times, from previously

To be honest, paying off your credit card debt with new cards, actually could work! though it would be risky,especially if you don’t have good debt management! the best suggestion that I can give to you is you must choose non commercial bank! I.e Credit union! just find credit union near you! because some of credit union don’t have transfer balance fee, annual, or what soever! and good news is, most of credit union have better APR from any bank ! Average APR for Bank are about 14-24% , meanwhile credit union APR are about 5-10%  so basically by choosing credit union to pay off your debt, actually are the most reasonable step that you could do!

And also, most of credit union have personal loan product! ask them about their fix rates! if they have lower interest rate, then why not use personal loan that have fix rate, rather than new credit card! because fix interest rate are most safety,than intro APR and most intro APR only 12 month! meanwhile for personal loans, most of them have APR 6% and the tenor are about 36 month! and as far as I know, intro APR can change at anytime soon ! so be careful, because some company sometime will changes the rules without notification!

Just FYI, if you have family that work in military active or retired, why not try navy Federal Credit Union! because they have special promotion 0.25% APR  for personal loan! Visit their website to get more info (

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