Best Credit Card to Build Score

Well, actually any credit cards that have low APR, and no annual fee are good to go! though, if I may recommended to you, Credit cards from credit union actually are good option! there are many reason why you should choose them! first, they have low APR, secondly some of credit union are free from regular Fee! such as, annual fee, cash advances fee, transfer balance and etc!

and Do you know that most Credit Union can give a half interest rates from most average Banks ? yep! they have lower APR than any commercial Banks! from 5-10% APR, for credit cards, for auto loan it could be 1,99% for tenor 36 month payment! afterall, they are specialize for credit product! 😉 (from the name Credit Union)

but of course some of you already know, to become member with credit union sometime, are not easy! because they are design only for local, or for some cases, they only accept with certain profession and etc! though, if you have family that work in that company, actually you can ask recommendation, and get accepted with them!

to be honest, when we talk about credit product!  such as credit cards, auto loans, Home loans or what soever! actually credit union can give you best rate! the reason simply because they don’t pay tax! meanwhile bank does! so I don’t blame commercial banks, if they have high rates! and if you choose wisely between bank product and credit union product , for long term it can make your financial more stable, and secure! or at least if you choose credit cards from credit union, your debt will not become disaster in the future, and if you choose bank product for banking activity such as money transfer, payment and etc! you will not having any problems with getting money at ATM! my point is, credit union are best for credit product! meawhile Banks, are good for banking product! but if you choose the opposite, such as, credit card with commercials banks, and banking activity with Credit union! actually it could be a problems! But I am pretty sure, you guys already know about it! 😀 just FYI though!

Which credit cards, that I have to choose ? secured or unsecured to build Score ? well, secured are the best option! the reason is because, most credit card company will give you better offer if you have good credit! so, if you don’t have good score! most of the time, thy will not give you good offer! and if that the case! why not choose secured credit cards, that have no annual fee ? right 😀 because even if we get unsecured credit cards, but APR are high, annual fee high, cash advances and purchases APR high than normal! (Average APR for credit cards about 14%) personally I will prefer with Secured credit cards, to build my credit!

and to be honest. I don’t mind to deposit some money as warranty to get accepted! because with that way, my credit use will be more responsible, and not just buy stuff here and there! the Idea to build score, basically as an insurance for your future! we all know getting secured credit cards, basically have no benefit at all! because, secured credit cards, same like using our own money, and still have to pay Interest rate! at first it would be sound ridiculous! though, your credit score will be important, if you want to get big loan! for auto, or maybe house! because let’s be real, we don’t have money to buy $100.000 house! but if we have good credit! believe it or not, we can get that $100k houses, and pay with credit!

anyway, guys, thank you for reading 😀 I hope you can choose wisely which credit card company that you have to deal with! 😀

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