credit union vs bank auto loan

Credit union VS BAnks


credit union vs bank auto loan which one better ? well, if Bank or finance company can give better interest rates as low as 1.99% then you should not choose Credit union! but since most credit union can give better interest rates under 4%! then you know who the one you should choose:) to be honest with you guys, when we talk about credit product, loans, credit cards or etc! the number one factor you should choose are from their interest rate! because if they offering low interest rate, mean you sleep well at night! but imagine if you «Read More MyCredits »

Meriwest Credit Union Credit Card Review

meriwest credit card

meriwest credit union credit card actually have decent APR from 12% to 23%!  they also offering intro APR 0% to 6 month, and for fee cash advances and transfer balance about 3%, and also they offering rewards such as  points, cash back, and etc! to be honest with you guys! 12 APR for credit cards, actually are pretty good, because if you compare with regular credit card company, actually most of them can only give you about 14% APR, so 12% are pretty low!

But! since Meriwest are credit Union and not regular credit card company, so 12% APR actually «Read More MyCredits »

Vons credit union Are they Better than Banks ?

vons credit union


Vons credit union are they really better than Banks ? well, it could be true! because most credit union have low APR than any bank! except 1 banks! 😉 Vons can give APR for credit cards better than citi! i.e 9%, for new or used auto loan they can give as low as 1.99%, and for mortgages their rates are about 3%-4%! so basically yes, credit union can give better rates than any bank can give! although they also have restriction! but for loans and credit, credit union are the one you should choose than bank! unless you don’t «Read More MyCredits »

vystar credit card are they worth it ?

vystar credit card

vystar credit card, are they worth to apply ? well to be honest, this is tricky question! because obviously Vystar are not bank! Vsytar are Credit union! so if you big fans of bank, probably Vystar are not your priority choice! but if you open minded person! then my suggestion is, Credit Union are the most perfect answer to get loan with low interest rate!

Bank will not give you small interest rate, because of 1-2 reason! first is tax! secondly they must make profit and share with investor! so whether they like it or not! bank should apply «Read More MyCredits »

Primeway Credit Card Good Deal or ?

Primeway Credit Card


primeway credit card are they worth to apply ? well, if 10% APR are not good for you, maybe Primeway are not the one for you! though, if you think 10% are good offer to miss, then you must apply with them! there’s nothing wrong having 2-3 credit cards in your pocket! especially if their APR are much better than citi APR! i.e 14% if some cards can offer lower than 14% APR to be honest with you, that credit card company must be good! 😉

Because the fact is, no company that can give best offer to 10% «Read More MyCredits »

Best Credit Union in Fresno

Credit union at fresno

If you want get best offer Credit cards such as, Low APR, low Fee, and high Credit limits, Credit Union could be the best option for you! although not all credit union can give everything, but at least most of them can give low APR for loans product! since most credit union only for certain area, here the list of credit union if you live in Fresno CA,


  • Pacific Service Credit Union, their number (888) 858-6878
  • OE Federal Credit Union, their phone number (559) 241-0508
  • Fresno County Federal Credit Union, their phone (559) 252-5000
  • Golden 1 Credit Union ,
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Best credit union credit cards LOW APR High Credit Limit!

credit union credit cards

I know what you want! credit union credit cards ! 6% APR, is that it ? 🙂  no annual fee, no cash advance Fee, No Transfer balance fee, high Credit  limit! good offer eh? at least from my perspective no fee, high limit, Low APR! are the best offer that we can get! there’s no way Conventional Bank can give that offer to you!at least they can’t give you 6% APR! or 0.5% Interest per month! 😉 correct me If I am wrong!

so what’s the deal ? and why credit union can give so much benefits! 🙂 «Read More MyCredits »

kitsap credit union credit card Review


kitsap credit card

kitsap credit union credit card, are they good deal or ? well, for credit union Kitsap don’t offer good APR! because normally most credit union APR for their credit cards are about 7%! some can give you good offer as low as 5%! but for average are about 7%! meanwhile kitsap APR for classic cards are 13% and for standard credit cards are about 17%! so yeah, their APR are not good for most average credit union! because 17% APR!

But! if you apply for Gold credit card, you can get low APR about 6%!  and for platinum «Read More MyCredits »